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8:00 am - Registration for Presenters

8:45 am - Bus Arrivals

9:00 am - Participant Check-In

10:00 am - Welcome & Conference Opening

10:15 am - Release to concurrent session

10:30 am - Concurrent Workshop Session 1

11:45 am - End of Session 1

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Concurrent Workshop Session 2

2:15 pm - End of Session 2

2:30pm - Conference Closing

3:00 pm - Bus Departure

Conference Tracks 2020

Middle & High Schools
Building & Rooms

  • Robot Wars

  • Block Programming with Spheros

  • Hoppy The Robot Frog

  • Peace Makers: using STEAM to promote Peace

  • Happily smiLED 

  • Launching Rockets … The Sky is the limit

  • Building a Robotic Arm

  • Makey Makey

  • Chemical Reactions 

  • EGGineering

  • Squishy Circuits

  • Circuit Monster (For parents)



  • Computer Game Designing

  • Robotics Autonomous Programming

  • Designing a Game using Basic Game Mechanics

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Arduino Circuitry

  • Hovercraft

  • Build an LED Seven Segment Display

  • 3D Printing

  • Drone programming

Workshop Descriptions


Designing a Game using Basic Game Mechanics - This session will introduce students to the basic game mechanics in creating a successful game. You will learn about critical thinking - to quickly brainstorm game ideas, learn to identify formal game mechanics, learn presentation and team skills. Create a game concept!! 

Robotic Arm - students will learn to make a prostetic arm using card board, rubber bands, and yarn.  


Computer Game Designing - students will present on game design in a variety of coding formats and software including Code.org, Unity, Gamestar Mechanic, Bloxels and HTML.

Circuit Monster  (Scientists for Tomorrow )

Come to this session and create a monster using chemical reactions and electrical engineering! We will be transforming materials and soldering circuits to create a cool monster toy!


Build an LED Seven Segment Display - In this session you will build an LED display and learn how the numbers on a digital clock work. Join us as we explore how electronic devices such as LEDs, resistors, and batteries come together to make the digital displays we use every day. 

Rockets  - (TRIO UBMS)

Make a paper rocket and fly it! This session will work with youths to launch rockets to learn about the physics of projectiles.

Block Programming with Spheros -  Learn to program a Sphero SPRK+ bot by using Block Programming. See how you can command the Sphero bot to move around and change colors, as you program it!

Squishy Circuits  -  learn how to make conductive dough using house hold items such as flour, oil, lemon juice and sugar.

Arduino Circuitry - Using Arduinos to learn circuitry! This session will work with youths in a classroom to learn circuitry through programming.

3D Printing and Design - 3D printing through TinkerCad and Cura with ForceForge printer! This session will work with youths in a computer classroom.

Robotics Autonomous programming - Programming VEX robots using the new coding software for V5. This session will work with youths in a classroom to program VEX robots.

Makey Makey - learn how to program with a play dough using a makey makey board. 

EGGineering -  in this session students will attempt to make an EGG survive a simulated car crash.


Robot Wars - Driving a competing with VEX Robots. This session will work with youths in a large space to mock a competition.

Hoppy The Robot Frog - Hoppy the Robot Frog session will introduce students to basic robotics, mechanics, and soldering. In this session, students will construct a robot using wood, motors, rubber, and batteries that will effectively make the robot “hop”. They will have first-hand experience with soldering, assembling a robot, and testing through trial-and-error. One small step for man, one big hop for Hoppy the Robot Frog!

Peace Makers: using STEAM to promote Peace -  What does Tony Starks, Bruce Banner and Prince T’Challa have in common? Come to this workshop to find out as well as have your imagination jump started! This workshop explores ways that youth can use Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math to promote Peace in our communities. 

Happily SmiLED - In this exciting workshop you will learn the basics of electrical circuits, the flow of electrons and how to successfully build a circuit. As you work through the fun and hands on activity you will create a smiley LED while also customizing your very own circuit board! 

Chemical Reaction (High school)  -  This session we will conduct several  chemical reactions using the laws of thermal dynamics.

Chemical Reaction (Middle Schools) -  This session we will conduct several  chemical reactions using the laws of thermal dynamics.

Drones - Students will learn how to autonomously program a drone using tinker on an iPad. 

Hover Crafts - learn to make a hover craft using a servo motor and a foam plate.