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What is the STEAM conference?


  • The STEAM Conference is an event developed/designed to provide middle school and high school students with the opportunity to attend and participate as practitioners in a conference setting. Founded in 2010, the conference was developed through the collaboration between the TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science program at the Center for College Access and Success from Northeastern Illinois University and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Scientists for Tomorrow program from the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia College Chicago.

  • The STEAM Conference provides activities that foster Science, Technology, Engineering, Art /Architecture/Agriculture and Mathematics (STEAM) learning through project-based and career-oriented workshop sessions led by students. The event is attended by middle and high school students, families, teaching professionals and community organization leaders. This unique student led conference, connects a variety of communities in the region to explore STEAM together as peers in a professional setting.  

  • The STEAM Conference mission is to generate a positive environment in which everyone has the opportunity to engage on the exploration of  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/ Architecture/Agriculture and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects and related disciplines, as potential fields of learning,  future occupations,  as well as the necessary knowledge needed for youth and their families to be a become active participants in the 21st century society.

  • The main goal of the conference is to foster a non-risk environment in which youth and their families will be encouraged to become active participants in the exploration and learning of  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/ Architecture/Agriculture and Mathematics (STEAM) and with it become more informed citizens.

How will I benefit from attending the STEAM Conference?


At the STEAM conference you will meet and network with other participants from different schools attending and presenting the workshops. The workshop sessions are self-selective, with activities ranging from computer programming, physics of music, Robotics, and more.

Who is eligible to attend the STEAM Conference?


The STEAM Conference workshops are designed for middle and high school level students. Parents and Educators are invited to attend and participate in the workshops.

What is the dress code?


Business Casual

How do I register?


Registration is available mid-march online at www.steamconf.org 












How much does it cost?


The steam conference is FREE for all attendees. Anyone interested in attending the STEAM conference is more than welcome to come and take part in the various workshops that will be available to the public. However, we do ask all participants to have their own forms of transportation to and from the event, as well as arranging lunch on their own.













How do I arrive at the conference? Parking?
  • The conference is located at Northeastern Illinois University, 5500 N St Louis Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

  • Car

    • All vehicles must park in the visitors parking Lot J

  • Bus Drop-off is in Lot J

  • Train

    • The closest train to the conference is the Kimball Brown Line Stop.  Northeastern Illinois University is approximately 1 mile from the train stop.  

    • If you do not want to walk, you can take the Kimball Bus (#82) North and get off at Catalpa Ave. and walk west a few blocks.  NEIU will be in front of you.  

    • If you would like to walk, begin heading north on Kimball Ave until you reach Catalpa Ave.  Make a left and head west a few blocks.  NEIU will be in front of you.















What is a typical day at the STEAM Conference?

The STEAM Conference is an all day event. Check-In will be open at 9:00am for all the participants. There will be an opening ceremony at 10:00am conducted by Marcelo Caplan and Aaron Cortes. After the opening ceremony, all workshops will be open for attendees to participate in.


How do I select the sessions?

The workshops operate on a first come first serve basis. That said, we offer many interesting workshops, each of which offer a unique insight into various scientific methods, so if the workshop you wanted to attend is not immediately open, feel free to explore the various other activities that we have going on and then you can make it to the next round of workshops when more space becomes available.


We encourage parents to work with their children during the workshops, because we want all attendees to walk away from the STEAM conference having learned something new and interesting. However, we do ask that if there is a high turnout to a certain workshop, that adult attendees kindly open up room for children to experience the workshop.

Who do I contact for more information?

For any further information related to the STEAM conference, please contact us at:  registration@steamconf.org


Or feel free to call us between the hours of 9a.m-5p.m (Mon-Fri) at:  (773) 980-6731 or (312) 563-7111