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Columbia College Chicago  Science and Mathematics Department | Scientist for Tomorrow & Junior Research Scientist


Saturday May 16th, 2020


Registration will open Monday, January 13th, 2020.


May 16, 2020

Northeastern Illinois Univesity Auditorium

5500 N. St. Louis Ave. 

Chicago, IL 60624

Learn  + Investigate + Make 


The STEAM Conference is an event designed to spark the curiosity of its participants by supporting a positive experiential opportunity for learning. This approach to learning is a result of the partnership between Northeastern Illinois University and Columbia College Chicago.


The event provides middle school, high school, teachers/educators and parents to attend 40 unique concurrent hands-on workshops session in science, technology, engineering, art/architecture/agriculture and mathematics (STEAM). One of the unique features of the conference is that the presenters are middle school and high school students that participate in pre-college academic programs, Pathways Initiatives and Scientist for Tomorrow Initiatives.


To learn more about the STEAM conference please visit our about page or our documentation page.


We are always looking forward to partner and collaborate with like minded institutions and organizations. If you would like to share your expertise or support the STEAM Conference please contact the Conference team at registration@steamconf.org



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Aaron Cortes 

STEAM Conference Co-Chair 
Northeastern Illinois University 


Aaron is the Director of TRIO Education Opportunity Program; Upward Bound Math and Science and the 21st CCLC Program at Northeastern Illinois University.

In addition, Mr. Cortes is also the Immediate Past President of Illinois TRIO association, faculty to the SAEOPP Center and USDA Kika De La Gaza Fellow.





Marcelo Caplan

STEAM Conference Co-Chair 
Columbia College Chicago 


Marcelo is the Associate Professor for the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia College Chicago and co-founder of the Scientists for Tomorrow initiative which provides STEM outreach and education programs to youth and parents from diverse communities in the midwest. 

Caplan was also recognized by the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) as "Most Influential in STEM" in 2015.  

Conference Founders


For other questions and comments email registration@steamconf.org